Issana Beach House – Seenimodara

Issana Beach House – Seenimodara

The Project envisaged building a Twelve Bed Room Boutique Hotel type Ayurvedic Beach House and a Spa in the Mahawela Beach of Nakulugamuwa, Seenimodara, Thangalla, Sri Lanka.

Located between Matara and Thangalle on Sri Lanka’s lush South – Coast, “Issana Beachouse” is ideally situated for visitors who wish to base themselves on a beach and explore the Southern region. At 200 kilometers from Colombo, it is close enough to reach in a few hours but further enough to remain quite and unspoilt, away from heavy development and crowds at Bentota, Hikkaduwa & Unawatuna.

Mahawela Beach, a 3 Kilometer crescent of light yellow sand, lapped by a turquoise sea, is rightly regarded as one of the finest on the South – Coast. Rocky Promontories at either end ensure that the current and waves remain placid, making it an ideal Beach for families and older travelers.

 The Issana Beach House is located on a, right turn to Pubudu Mawatha after traveling One Hundred and Ninety Kilometers on the Colombo Thangalla (Mahawela) High Way. The Narrow Linear Eighty Perch block of land over looks the Coconut palm shaded Garden, the beautiful Indian Ocean and the almost privately exclusive Mahawela Beach. On the Rear side of the site after a few blocks of land, the beautiful Thangalla Lagoon is located. A visitor to the site is taken through a narrow sand laden Road, surrounded by Lush tropical vegetation and the beautiful Thangalla Lagoon. The site itself consist of approximately fifty fully grown coconut trees and other tropical lush green vegetation.

The proposal envisaged building a Twelve Bed room exclusive ‘boutique’ type Ayurvedic Beach House and a Spa incorporating a contemporary vernacular Architectural idiom and typical Sri Lankan Hospitality & Comfort.

 Land area of the site is approximately eighty Perches which amount to half an Acre.

 Prior to the beginning of construction the land was used as a Residence by a native Villager.
The Land which existed did not posses a means of access and therefore the present Owner had to secure a means of access by way of buying a piece of land for means of access from another local resident.

Existing land is basically a Flat Land with a slight slope towards the Mahawela Beach and the Indian Ocean.

Key feature of the site is its Narrow Linearity Focusing totally on the Mahawela Beach and the Indian Ocean beyond. In addition it has its Garden full of Lush green vegetation. The site itself consists of over fifty fully grown coconut trees in addition to various other marine tropical trees.

The design of this Beach Housel drew inspiration from the Vernacular Buildings of the nearby small towns and villages as well as the local culture.  Main Public Areas of the Beach house is located centrally, while Bed rooms were orientated in order to give the best possible ‘View’ of the Garden, the Beach and the Sea beyond while giving increasing Privacy to Guests.

Simple Low Rise Buildings of this Beach House were designed to merge with the surrounding landscape with heavy reliance on locally available materials. Significant architectural features of the buildings include a mixture of plastered brick masonry walls, worm yellow colour random rubble walls, timber columned Verandahs and half round clay tiled steep roofs. Upper floors of the Beach house is made of light weight timber / decks to give it a light and airy feeling and Japanese touch as its name suggests.

Visitor is first taken to a large Cobble Stone paved white blossoming temple trees grown Forecourt area before approaching the Reception. After checking-in the Visitor is “Squeezed “through a tall narrow Cathedral like triple height access Corridor to the relevant Bed rooms. The tall narrow corridor terminates in a triple height Lounge area giving silhouetted Views of the Garden, the Beach and the Indian Ocean beyond. The garden landscaped with tropical lush green vegetation is accessed through a timber paved Pier complete with plunge pool etc. On one side of the Lobby is located the formal Dining area over looking a Trapezium shaped Courtyard with several large tropical trees.

Kitchen, Pantry and the Laundry areas are tucked to the rear of the site. An Upper floor Ayuredic Health Centre and Spa serves the discerning visitor.

Overall the buildings express a Contemporary Vernacular Sri Lankan architectural idiom.

The public areas and Guest Bed rooms are Orientated towards the Garden, the beach and the Sea beyond. Main Lounge and the Upper floor Suite Bed room are rotated by 45o to facilitate maximum possible views of the “Sunset” over the far away Bay.

Different functions of the Beach House are Layed Out in order to optimize the views generated within the site towards the Garden, the Beach and the Sea. The Lounge and the Suite Bed Room wing are twisted by 45o degrees in order to maximize the views of the Sunset over the Indian Ocean and the nearby Bay.

Each of the  Twelve Bed Rooms of this Beach House is provided with a  Attached  Bathroom, its own Private Exclusive Verandah in the case of Ground Floor Bed Rooms and a private Balcony Terrace overlooking the garden, the Beach and the sea, in the case of upper Floor Bed Rooms. In addition All the Bed Room Furniture the light fittings and other accessories are Custom Designed to a Theme. The Upper floor Bed Rooms are located on a Timber deck to give the Bedrooms a Light and airy feeling enhancing the Japanese touch.

 The Twelve guest’s rooms are be furnished to a high standard with en suite facilities and will have sea – views and six will have private balconies. In addition, one suite include a Jacuzzi, separate toilet and bathroom facilities and other unique design elements. In order to preserve the simple, open feeling of a Sri Lankan Beach, accept for the suite, all rooms are fan – cooled but will have private telephones and daily linen changes.

 Landscaping Proposal of the above project intended to protect as much as possible the existing fully grown coconut palms numbering over fifty. Where necessary selective replanting of some coconut trees are anticipated. Mature White blossoming temple trees will be brought to the site for root ball replanting in selected locations including the cobble stone paved Fore Court, defining the Car Parking slots in the process. Landscaping proposal also incorporate measures to grow native marine plants suited to the harsh local climate. A marine grass variety with resistance to existing salty dry condition of the site is introduced to the Garden lawn. In addition Pebble courts in front of each Bedroom and in the Dining Court Yard is introduced to give a Japanese touch to the existing Landscape. Few medium sized warm yellow colour boulders is placed at selected locations to enhance the pebble court boulder garden concept.


  • Client : Issana Beach House
  • Location : Seenimodara