Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our approach to Architecture: We believe sri lankan Architecture to be a mixture of many styles and influences being in the middle of the trading route between east and west for centuries we draw inspiration from our traditional vernacular architecture and try to adapt it to the present day use at the same time not shutting down the international influences. We also believe that there is lot to learn in traditional sri lankan architecture which can be used when designing contemporary building our personal ideas are such that, according to our sri lankan way of life. Complete modernist and minimalist building could prove too cold to work or live in our hot tropical monsoon climate. The reason why we try to concentrate on creating comfort by little details derived from traditional concepts.

We prefer simplicity in our plans, forms and spaces which help us to create very down to earth kind of architecture. Especially in houses, we concentrate in creating spaces which give a maximum feel of both inside and the outside. One could say that our architecture in somewhere in between tradition and modernism, because we try to incorporate traditional concepts by using modern approaches and simple lines to create contemporary feel.

We admire spaces and forms which explore our senses. While maintaining a sense of practicality. We are sensitive to the fact that building should evoke feeling of well being, happiness and comfort while being objects of art. Building design by us respect the tropical hot humid climate we live in with seasonal monsoon rains. Without being slaves to the dictates of the climate. We acknowledge by way of our architectural language the need to respond and protect from that harsh climate, without loosing the contemporary feel of our building.

Instinctively we seek out spaces that are in tune with our environment and try to create a harmony between “Taste” and “Comfort”. We use both traditional and modern materials in a suitable mix to achieve our objective of strongly constructed technically sound buildings. Robust materials we use are carefully selected. To be able to withstand element and the harsh climate we live in, white not loosing the textural and tactile qualities they posses.

We believe comfort to be the core of good interior with a sense of scale and intelligent lighting. We are conscious of our social responsibilities when designing public building and understand the need to respond to the public realm. Our ultimate aim is to help realize our clients dreams and aspirations within there limitation financial spatial or otherwise on there behalf we continue to push the envelope in our quest to create that magic in architecture.