Narrow linear House

Narrow linear House


This house questions how does one live indoor outdoor life? How does one work with with the light, the wind, the environment, foot traffic in a specific place?
How do you frame the surrounding environment around you within the architecture? Outside environment is something that you can almost feel with the air passing through and having it so immediate.
After entering the residence & walking through the entrance passage, one encounters the rhythm of different rooms & the narrow linear courtyard to one side, with undulating light. Kalalgoda House’s Garden is approached through verandas & walkways and window arrangements. Wood framed roof forms a unifying plane for the various protected living spaces public & private.
The house is united by a singular roof plane supported by basic structural concrete and steel supports. House is composed of masonry, wooden and glazed wall planes, rendered seamless by a continuum of cement pigmented plaster to the exterior.
Glazed timber door windows become operable facades for the control of interior climate, to tune with the long tropical monsoon and framing views of the nearby small rubber plantation block.
Extended roof eave is carefully cantilevered to provide protection from the sun, wind and the rain. The grey green coloured cement plaster screed, mimics lichen pattern on the block of rubber trees.
In contrast the upper floor is more private & intimate. Bedrooms provide spaces to sleep, read, rest & reflect. The upper level is positioned in mutual tension, with the guarantee of simultaneous intimacy and isolation, so essential to the domestic interior.
The combination of materials and landscape along with the ‘Thin Section’ facilitates cross ventilation and allows the house to have its own cool micro-climate in otherwise hot humid surroundings.
The architect’s exploration of the rites of retreat, passage and exclusions are tested here.

Architects: Chinthaka Wickramage Associates
Architect: Chinthaka Wickramage
Structural Engineer: Palitha Perera
Quantity Surveyor: Sunanda Gnanasiri
Architectural Assistants: Dhanushka Welagedara, Lasni Welikala, Shain Oshada
Photography: Dineth Kottahachchi
Civil Contractor: D E de Silva & Sons (Pvt) Ltd


    Location : Narrow linear House